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rexton Power and capability

New SsangYong Rexton Power and Capability

rexton - 2.2 Litre e-XDI 220 Diesel Engine

2.2 Litre e-XDI 220 Diesel Engine

New Rexton offers plenty of brawn and brain.

The uprated 2.2 litre Euro 6 engine delivers maximum power of 202PS at 4000rpm and maximum torque of 441Nm at 1600-2600rpm and is designed to provide low-end torque for effortless cruising whatever the conditions, whatever the load.

rexton - 8 speed Automatic Transmission

8 speed Automatic Transmission

The new 8-speed electronicly controlled shift-by-wire automatic transmission delivers an efficient response, shifting between ratios smoothly and quietly

rexton - 8 speed Automatic Transmission
rexton - Drive Mode System

Drive Mode System

The automatic transmission features selectable drive modes (NORMAL / SPORT / WINTER) for safe driving and a customizable driving experience. Normal mode balances the need for economy and power. Sport delivers extra power and Winter starts the car in 2nd gear to prevent slippage when icy.

rexton - Part time 4x4

Part time 4x4

Part-time four-wheel drive allows the driver to choose when to activate the system, depending upon changing conditions on or off the road. There is the choice of high range 4x4 for slippery conditions or low range for when the going gets really tough.

rexton - Part time 4x4
rexton - Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist

Rolling backwards during a hill start is a thing of the past with the Rexton. In these kind of situations, its Hill Start Assist feature acts as an automatic handbrake and is a great ally to have on your side when driving in tricky conditions or when towing.

rexton - Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control

The Rexton also helps you stay in control when you find yourself driving downhill. Hill Descent Control is a low-speed control that activates when the car is handling a steep downhill drive and automatically controls of the rate of descent.

Towing Ability

Towing Ability

The Rexton will make light work of hauling a large caravan, horsebox, boat or work trailer. It has a strong ladder chassis that provides a substantial towing platform and a mighty towing capability of 3.5 tonnes.

Add that to the 4x4 capability and we’re sure you’ll understand why we call it ‘magnificently muscular’.

Trailer Sway Control

Trailer Sway Control

Improves stability by detecting and automatically stabilizing yaw-movement and sway of the trailer whilst being towed by the vehicle.

Structure & Safety

The new Rexton is one of the strongest and safest cars in its class. It’s built on a high-strength body-on-frame construction and features 9 airbags and a comprehensive suite of the latest electronic safety aids.



The Rexton is built on extremely strong foundations. It’s body-on-frame construction is built using 1.5Gpa ultra-strength steel.

In fact, 81.7% of the steel plate in the car’s body uses high-strength, high-density, high-tensile steel. This provides superb rigidity and protection in a collision to maximise the safe space within the cabin.


EBD-ABS distributes brake force appropriately to the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle’s load of passengers and/or cargo.


ESP constantly monitors road conditions and vehicle status and automatically adjusts engine output and braking whenever the driver is about to lose control. It integrates the ABS, active rollover protection, anti-slip regulation and brake-force assist.


BAS automatically activates full braking in an emergency to reduce the vehicle’s braking distance to help avoid an accident.



For maximum passenger protection on impact, the car is equipped with 9 airbags - the most in its class.

These include a knee-airbag for the driver and rear passenger side and curtain airbags - safety features normally only found in prestige vehicles.


The Rexton also takes the safety of children seriously.

The car is equipped with ISOFIX child-seat mountings to the rear outer seats to ensure that child seats are attached firmly and rigidly.


Tyre pressure monitoring is built into the car’s electronics and displayed via the trip computer - each tyre is continually checked for pressure and the driver is immediately warned of unsafe readings.

Smart Safety

The smarter the car, the safer the drive. The Rexton is one of the smartest and safest in its class. It’s packed with a whole range of the latest driver assistance safety tech features.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Autonomous Emergency Braking

When a frontal collision is anticipated, this function automatically applied the brakes to prevent a collision.

Safety Distance Warning (SDW)

Safety Distance Warning

Detects the distance to the vehicle ahead and warns the driver when a safe distance is not properly secured.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Lane Departure Warning

Notifies the driver when the forward camera detects an unintended lane departure by the vehicle.

Front Vehicle Start Warning (FVSW)

Front Vehicle Start Warning

The system warns the driver when the front vehicle begins to move forward from a still position.

Speed Limit Warning (TSR)

Speed Limit Warning

Detects an upcoming traffic sign, applies character recognition software to read it, and relays the icon to the infotainment display.

Smart High Beam (SHB)

Smart High Beam

Automatically lowers the high beams when an approaching vehicle is detected, making night-driving easier.

Lane Change Collision Warning (LCW)

Lane Change Collision Warning*

Detects vehicles rapidly approaching from behind and flashes a warning light on the outside mirror, to alert the driver.

*Available on Ultimate models only
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Blind Spot Detection Warning*

Senses vehicles coming up in the blind spot behind, the system warns with a flashing light on the outside mirror.

*Available on Ultimate models only
Rear Cross-Traffic Warning (RCTW)

Rear Cross-Traffic Warning*

By using rear-corner radars, the system helps to prevent backing into cross traffic by providing alerts when vehicles are detected.

*Available on Ultimate models only